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Claudia Romayne

Claudia has been one of the principal members of the company as a soloist, a singer, and a teacher for a number of years.


She is from Santa Fe, NM, where she studied and performed with Maria Benitez Estampa Espanola, and performed in the local tablaos. Claudia has studied flamenco with Vicente Romero, Ciro, Joaquin Ruiz, Javier La Torre, Beatriz Martin, Torombo, and Juana Amaya; and cante with Pedro "El Abogao" and Segundo Falcon. Claudia has performed in the companies of Maria Benitez, Los Serranos, Fria Plata, and Arte Flamenco. Claudia returns to Spain often to continue her lifelong pursuit of flamenco, and has enhanced the company with her spirit and enthusiasm.


Claudia is also a certified ESOL teacher in the Baltimore City Schools. Despite her hectic schedule of full time teacher, mother, and a full weekly performance schedule, Claudia continues to enhance the school with her delightful new choreographies.

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